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We can help with security and functionality updates to ensure that your solution is safe and online at all times!

There is nothing worse than your site suddenly not working properly. There can be several reasons, and one of them is, that you might be running an outdated version of SilverStripe.

SilverStripe 2 - the old

If you have a SilverStripe website, made before 2012, there is a high probability the system is running on version 2. This is a problem. An outdated system is more vulnerable for hackers, not as user-friendly and you are extremely lucky if it still works today. The old version of the system breaks if it's hosted on a server with the latest version of PHP.

The team behind SilverStripe has stopped making security updates for version 2, which is why we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version (at the moment it is 3). 

SilverStripe 3 - the new

The new version has a user-friendly design, strong code base and lots of cool extensions. Here is a list of some of the new smart features of SilverStripe 3:

  • Drag and drop for uploading photos
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • The ability for adding multiple users
  • And much more

SilverStripe Update - the transition from 2 to 3

The transition involves many stages, but you don't need to worry about that. We have done this countless times, so we know what we're doing. An update can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days. This varies depending on whether you are running version 2.3 or 2.4+.

Contact us and get a quote on what it would cost to update your SilverStripe solution.

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