SilverStripe development - Expand your website

Do you need new functionality on your SilverStripe website? We have used the system for a variety of things such as websites, intranets, shops and data collection portals.

We offer development and custom programming for SilverStripe solutions - new and old. This can be anything from new add-ons, plugins or corrections of big and small errors.

Additional features - custom programming

Your business evolves and grows. The demands might change and your customers expect a new level of functionality on your site. Don't worry - we can help you. Here are some ideas that might interest you:

  • Facebook integration (Likes, comments etc.)
  • Blogs
  • Custom layout / design 
  • Webshop

Do you have any special requests - we are always ready to answer questions!

Something that doesn't work?

If your site isn't working as it should, we can solve it. It can be anything from small issues like saving problems, or larger issues that may require an update of your entire site.

If you are unsure about your problem, we are ready with support at 20 33 26 74

Responsive website

Today it's almost a must to have a responsive website. We only create responsive websites when we code new websites, but we can also convert your old site to a modern responsive one.

Today visitors are more likely to visit from tablets and smartphones than from normal computers. This curve is increasing according to major studies. Google has also stated, that websites will get higher ranking in their algorithm if the website is mobile optimized. Contact us now to get your solution made responsive!

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